The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift was ever given
was baby Jesus who came from heaven
As a shining star to give us light
to brighten our paths in the darkest night

As Joseph and Mary went down the street
seeking a shelter, no place to sleep
Each door they knocked with a friendly smile
can we stay all night or just a while
For Mary is tired from the trip today
we can sleep on the floor let us in I pray

No room tonight the keeper said
as he looked at Joseph and shook his head
On down the street, to and fro
seeking a shelter, no place to go

Then at last a place where they may sleep
in the barn with the cattle and the sheep
Joseph took some hay and made a bed
and a place for Mary to lay her head

On through the night baby Jesus was born
she wrapped him up neatly and kept him very warm
Wrapped in swaddling clothes upon the hay
there in the manger so quiet he lay

The wise men came and gifts they did bring
for the Angels above would shout and sing
If Jesus would come to our city so bright
would you let him in your home tonight
For the keeper of the Inn did often say
I'm sorry I turned Joseph and Mary away

If he is knocking, won't you let him in
If you turn him away, he may never knock again
Then let us be wise as others we heard tell
Come in Lord Jesus in my heart you may dwell.

by Earl Ferris